Fall Classic (formerly Southeast) Tournament
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About Fall League

Fall Club Overview


Motley (red) goes head to head with Chesapeake (blue) in BFHA Fall League play.

The Baltimore Field Hockey Association's fall league is our busiest and most structured season of the year, but that only adds to the fun! As with all of our seasons, all experience levels are invited and encouraged to participate. Fall Clubs is organized much like the other seasons, in that you play once a week. Club play is held every Saturday or Sunday on the turf fields.

The unique characteristic of the fall season is that the five teams keep the same rosters year after year. Therefore, each year new players are assigned by the Club Chairperson to one of the five teams, and will play with that same team every fall. Every time we play, each team plays the other four club teams, and at the end of the season a club championship tournament is held with rankings determined by each team's win-loss record throughout the season.

The five Fall Club teams are:

  • Chesapeake (blue)
  • Motley (red)
  • Tequila Sunrise (yellow)
  • Weekenders (grey)
  • Dragons (green)

Fall Club

2018 Wrap Up

The Fall season is typically plated at Roland Park Country School. Season runs from around August 26 - November 4 (usually Sundays). BFHA also hosts a fall play day typically in September or October. Final day of Fall season is the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and playoffs / championship game.

Congratulations to te 2018 Fall champs, Chesapeake (blue)! See you next year!

USAFH Membership

  • We have some good news - field hockey will start to be a little bit cheaper from now on for most of us!  We are going to be trying out a new USAFH membership tier that they have just implemented this year - it's called a Regional or Local Membership, and BFHA will be responsible for paying that fee on your behalf. 

  • Essentially, it will only cost $10 instead of $50 for an annual USAFH membership per player for participation in any local leagues or local tournaments (which includes Beach Bash and Fall Classic).

  • Only players who play in national tournaments like the NIH and Festival will still have to purchase the full adult $50 membership. USAFH is hoping this cheaper annual membership fee will help to encourage the growth of field hockey in the US.

  • The way this works is that BFHA will send USAFH our list of registrants each season/on a monthly basis. USAFH will calculate how many players in a given season need to have their annual membership renewed at that time, and they will then bill BFHA $10 per renewal. We are incorporating a $5 charge for the time being to help offset the costs for any players whose normal USAFH membership is set to expire this fall - this means that instead of fall league being $120 this year, it will be $125 (we know, that's expensive - but keep in mind you are saving up to $40 in the long run!). We may in the future switch to a different system (i.e., directly billing each player $10 only when their membership actually comes due like WFHA does), but for the time being it seemed a bit simpler to just charge everyone a few bucks more each season.

  • If anyone at any time needs to upgrade their membership to the full adult $50 one so that they can play in the NIT or Festival,USAFH will refundBFHA the initial $10 (which we would then pass back on to the player). So, if you are one of those players, then go ahead and renew your $50 membership when the time comes.

  • If you are not one of those players, then please do NOT renew your membership on your own - let BFHA do that for you! You will get an email from USAFH letting you know that your membership has been updated after everything has been processed.

  • From our understanding, you will still get all of the same "perks" as the previous membership, and of course most importantly this will still cover the necessary requirements for insurance purposes for BFHA.

  • USAFH is still rolling out the details of this program, so there isn't actually any information on their website yet, but please feel free to email BFHA President, Julia Drewes if you have any questions and she will do her best to get answers for you. We wanted to implement this as soon as we could to start saving you all money!


Contact the BFHA Fall Chairs:

Kiley Morgart /Autumn Fischer / Devin Williams