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The Annual Southeast Tournament is a two-day event for adult players held each November at the Maryland Polo Club Fields at Ladew Gardens, near Jacksonville, MD.

The tournament consists of approximately 22 teams including women's, men's, and mixed division. Baltimore Field Hockey Association registers two - three teams each tournament.

The tournament provides an opportunity to play against a variety of teams from different states and surrounding areas. The Southeast Tournament is very competitive, but also a lot of fun; it's a great chance to play at a high level of hockey as well as watch some thrilling match ups.

Southeast Tournament 2013

Thank you all who participated in the 2013 Southeast Tournament, held at Western Regional Park in Woodbine, Maryland. We had 10 teams register for the Adult Co-Ed 1-Day Event including:

  • Bawlmer Hons
  • BFHA
  • Black-Eyed Susans
  • Blue Birds
  • Heineken
  • Hellcats
  • Second Effort
  • Stix Mix
  • Team Awesome
  • WFHA

The 10 teams were split into two random pools of 5 teams each and played round robin style. After regular play, the top 2 seeds from each pool played each other to see who would make it to the championship game.

The 1st Place Pool 1 Second Effort played 2nd Place Pool 2 Black-Eyed Susans and the 1st Place Pool 2 Heineken played 2nd Place Pool 1 Stix Mix. Heineken defeated Stix Mix in regular play, while it came down to penalty strokes between the Black-Eyed Susans and Second Effort with the Black-Eyed Susans inching out the win in the end. The day ended with the Championship Game between Heineken and the Black-Eyed Susans. After a 7-hour day of play, Heineken defeated the Black-Eyed Susans to become the 2013 Southeast Tournament Champions!

We hope to see everyone back next year!

Thank you,
Tracey Moher
BFHA President