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Southeast Tournament 2014


BFHA members cheer on their teammates on a crisp fall day of field hockey.

BFHA is excited to announce the 2014 Southeast Tournament on Saturday, November 15th, 2014 (full-field, 11 v. 11). We hope that your teams can join us.

The tournament will be held at Roland Park Country School. (5204 Roland Ave, Baltimore, MD 21210), on 2 turf fields.

Note that 1 field is a bit smaller than the other. We will still be utilizing 11 v. 11 on both fields, so be prepared when you come to play.

We will be playing with the '2 male field players' rule and only 1 male if your opponent is women only.

Please note that we have 2 steps to register - email your registration form to Tracey Moher, and then MAIL the form, fee, and forfeit fee to our treasurer. All of the details are in the download document below. If you do not receive an email confirmation from Tracey within 24 hours of your emailed registration, please call her at 484-459-1895.

If you have ANY questions please do not hesitate to ask. We hope you can join us!

Download all details

Download schedule

Download waiver form

All participants must complete and sign the attached waiver. Please bring your team's signed and completed waiver to the registration table when you arrive.

Download rules

  1. The maximum number of males taking a penalty stroke must not exceed the allowable number of male field players, which means 1 male will be allowed to stroke on a female goalie if strokes are necessary.

  2. Current rules state that you can play the ball over your head for "FIH Tournaments" (as opposed to regular FIH play), the FIH & USFHA are apparently only applying the rule to the highest level of FIH tournaments, aka something like a national championship or an elite international event, therefore this will NOT be allowed in the Southeast Tournament.

Thank you,
Tracey Moher
BFHA President