BFHA Annual Adult Indoor Tournament
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About Indoor League


Welcome to the 2017 season of adult indoor field hockey! The league will run from January 15th - March 19th (Sundays) from 3:30pm – 6:00pm. You can register as part of a team or as an individual player. Registration is now CLOSED.

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  1. Location: Garrison Forest School: 300 Garrison Forest Road, Owings Mills, Maryland 21117

  2. Athletic center directions: It is Building 12 on this campus map. Drive down the campus road until you see the outdoor turf fields and a parking lot (will be on your left). The indoor building is a short walk up the hill above the outdoor turf fields (on your right).

  3. Dates of play: (8 total days): January 15, 22; February 12, 19, 26; March 5, 12, 19

  4. Changes to League this Year:

    1. Reduced number of players on court to 5-a-side (including GK). This is to improve safety and increase space options, especially on smaller court number 3. Max 2 men on court at same time (GK gender neutral).

    2. View New rules

    3. Turbo and Recreational pools.

      1. Turbo teams are: Beast Mode, Hons, Thunder and White Lightning.

      2. Recreational teams are: Poppers, Magpies, Bluemoji and Honey Badgers.

      3. Each team in a pool plays each other once per week, and plays at least one crossover match per week.

      4. During the season, each team completes 2 cycles of crossover games (i.e. you will see each of the teams in the other pool twice).

      5. Last week: just pool play round-robin (3 games each, 28 min long, 2 min btwn games).

    4. Each team plays at least 4 games per week, sometimes 5 (all teams have identical playing time for the season).

    5. Game slots are 20 minutes; 18 minutes with 2 minutes between games.

  5. Sportsmanship and Umpiring Details:

    1. Sportsmanship award (new this year): One player in the league will win free registration for the next season of indoor hockey. The lucky winner of the sportsmanship award will be selected from a lottery system. All players on those teams with the fewest number of cards will be entered into the lottery drawing, excluding any players who received a yellow card or worse during the season.

    2. Umpires: we hire official USAFH rated umpires to officiate our games. For our indoor league, we are lucky to have most of our umpires rated level 2 (e.g. college/elite level, have to be rated yearly). This means that they are continuously evaluated at official tournaments, with an average accuracy level of above 80%. The highest rating is Level 3, which is Olympic level, where accuracy is 93%, and of which there are only a handful in the country. So we have some of the best in our league. If things don’t get called your way, this is just the nature of the sport. Also note, we can only afford one umpire per court, so they also don’t always have the benefit of a second pair of eyes.

    3. Optional umpire training (new this year): We have partnered with our BBOWS Umpires this year, who have generously offered to share their walkie talkie headsets with us each week. The main reason would be for you to pop on the courts with the official umpire and try your hand at umpiring the other side of the field. If you get stuck, the official umpire can talk to you via the headset and give you some advice. You can choose to arrange your playing schedule with your team so you umpire one half, and play the other half, or some such.

    4. Better matching of playing preferences (new this year): we hope that the Turbo and Recreational pools will allow us to better match players with other players who share similar intensity levels, experience levels and playing preferences. This should improve safety, as should reduce frustrations that may arise from differences in your personal hockey outlook for the year.

    5. Rules refreshers and education: On the first day, will have a demo of new rules for this year as well as the most important indoor rules necessary for player safety (e.g. drilling). Again, here’s the guidance on this year’s rules and indoor hockey umpiring in general (with videos).

    6. Clearer carding system (new this year): Yellow cards or above will likely only be issued for poor sportsmanship. For technical fouls and errors, the umpires will make every effort to warn you and help you figure out what you did wrong. However, yellow cards are possible if you complain about a whistle inappropriately (of course, you are always welcome to ask for an explanation politely, and also approach umpires for guidance, help and training). Here’s what will happen if you receive the following cards (this will be in addition to the time penalty for the card in that match):

      1. 2nd yellow card of the season: Suspended for next match. Don the headphones and co-umpire the match you are suspended for (you can choose which court).

      2. Red card: Suspended for next match. Don the headphones and co-umpire a match before you are allowed to play again (i.e. doesn’t have to be the next match, if you need time to cool off. Can also be fulfilled the following week).

      3. 2 red cards in the season: Out for the rest of the season. No refunds. Nature of the red cards may be investigated/appealed, and final decision of any appeals will be made by the indoor chairs, who will gather information from team captains and umpires.

      4. Note about time penalties: it is your responsibility to keep time for when you are carded, as we only have one umpire per court, they won’t be expected to keep time for that.

      5. If you wish to take issue with this penalty system, please contact us as soon as possible. Indoor league is flexible and adaptable. If ultimately we cannot come to a mutually satisfactory arrangement, we will offer you the opportunity of withdrawing from the league with a full refund if you have not yet come under any disciplinary actions (cards).


Please contact the organizers (Zehra Nizami, Erin Ewald, and Marie Thorp) with any questions. Contact the Indoor chairs!